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Care & Share Program (c/o National Grid & HeartShare Human Services of NY)

Care & Share was founded by National Grid in 1981 to provide emergency financial assistance to low income families and individuals who are experiencing difficulty paying heat related bills.

PO Box 347913
Pittsburgh, PA 15251


  • Jefferson
  • Lewis
  • St. Lawrence
  • Outside Area

Contact Data:

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Any National Grid customer whose household meets the income guidelines of the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) may apply.

How to apply

To hear a list of agencies where you can apply, please call toll free: 1 (855) 852-2736 or (855-85CareNY).

To apply for Care & Share in an area where there is no agency listed, please call (718) 422-4207 or (718) 422-4228 and someone at HeartShare will take your application over the phone.

You can also find Care & Share program information on the HeartShare Human Services of New York website at: